Ok as all of you know every RPG needs it's rules.. Our rules will be a little different seeing how our RPG is different from others. Our rules will be broken up into two categories! First being the main rules. This includes but is not limited to how you have to audition for this group, things that will not be tollerated in or around this group, face claims, originals, Student groups, so on and so forth. The second set of rules will be the rules that you must follow when/if you are accepted. Please read each rule carefully before you proceed to audition. 

Main Rules. 
  1. This is a Drama free RPG and we tend to keep it that way! Please leave all OOC drama at the home page when you proceed to log in. In character drama however is encouraged. Keep in mind that there are two A Cappella groups that don't see eye to eye so we expect there to be some conflict. 
  2. Activity is a must! this does not mean that you log on once for five minutes just to see if you have anything then log off! We expect you to be active so please keep that in mind! If you do not plan on being active then do not submit an audition please do not waste our time we are putting a lot of hard work into this RPG.
  3. Face Claims! Some of our canon characters do not have a face claim. This is up for you to decide but know that all face claims must be approved before you are allowed to use them. If the character you want already has a face claim it may NOT be changed under any circumstances! Before you submit a face claim plese check the face claims section of the RPG to make sure that yours is available. 
  4. Originals will be accepted into the group. You just have to make sure that you fill out the proper Audition form simple as that. 
  5. Student Groups! This being a collage based RPG we plan on having several differnt student groups. No we do not make up the student groups.. You do! However each group must be approved by us before you can go any farther with it.. Please be creative with these, we want everyone to have fun. If you want to create a student group you can simply message us about it or you can fill out the form that will be provided at a later time. The person that creates the student group is allowed to accept members into that group However! They must also be a part of the RPG! Meaning you may not recruit outsiders into your student group, if this happens your group will be disbanned and you will be stripped ouf you role. 
  6. Submitting your audition! Please people read all this carefully! Upon submitting your audition to Barden University you will be asked to include a number of things in your audition form so we ask that you read each form carefully! faliure to submit the proper form or submitting it incorectly will result in it being discarded until it is re-submitted correctly at a later time. We will how ever inform you if you have submitted it incorrectly. You may submitted a regular application to be a student first if you like then later submit one for an A Cappella group (Auditions are different) Please keep in mind that each A Cappella group is divided by gender! Females are to audition for Bellas ONLY and Men ONLY for the Treblemakers. 
  7. This is a very literate RPG so we ask that you use spell check and Proper grammar as much as you can. We also ask that you send all replies in third person simply because most people prefer it that way.
  8. All Auditions MUST be sent through messages 

If you are accepted! 
  1. You must have your profile created in 24 hours and you have a total of one week to post a layout. 
  2. You must add every member of the RPG within 48 hours of making your role 
  3. You will be REQUIRED to participate in activity checks no matter what form they come in. 
  4. You will not be a book burner. Meaning do not delete other members comments from your page! Small talk is ok to delete but we ask that you keep all replies. This is simply out of respect for other members and we will use these comments to see who is being active and who is not. 
**These rules may change at any time so please check back to make sure they remain the same!** 

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